About Drawn By Day

Drawn By Day Studio is run by Emma Webb (me!) — I’m a designer based in Greenwich, London and I’ve been working on mostly web-based projects for several years. Before the internet became the exciting place it is now, I designed things to be printed on actual paper. I’m equally as happy to create things for the web as I am to design printed items.

I like to make things which are well-crafted, helpful and usable, and make the world just a little bit prettier. I typically work with small/medium businesses, start-ups and individuals. If you have a project you need a hand with, please get in touch. Maybe you only have the beginnings of a crazy idea at this point… I’m happy to help with those too.

If you’d like to discuss an idea, quiz me about something, or just fancy saying hello, feel free to contact me.


To see some of the work I’ve done for various design agencies in the past, please visit www.ideasareshiny.co.uk