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HR Lab website

HR Lab website

The client had a very clear idea of what he wanted to achieve and, very handily, it corresponded nicely to the sort of work I enjoy producing. The aim was for the site to look professional and convey information quickly. Here’s a few of the points considered during the project which might help you if you’re thinking about how to present your own brand or business…

Keep it simple

  • Make it easy for people to find the information they’re looking for. Nobody likes having to click around all over the place trying to track down what they want to know.
  • There’s no harm in repeating information because people will approach trying to find it in a few different ways. If it’s presented clearly, it won’t overwhelm or confuse people.
  • There’s no need to dilute your message with other distractions. The HR Lab site is predominantly text based content. Good layout and typography are your friends!

Have a recognisable visual style

  • HR companies get criticised for being a bit dry (and not in a humorous way!) It’s a difficult topic to illustrate or describe visually and you’ll find a lot of the competition seems to consist of stock photography of business people shaking hands and smiling at their computers. Taking a different approach – in this case, the lab theme – can make you stand out and contribute to the message you’re trying to communicate.
HR Lab icons

HR Lab icons

Let people get in touch

  • Remind people that if they don’t get the exact information they’re looking for, they can ask. The HR Lab site provides a few ways to do so – not everybody enjoys making phone calls!